Most organizations leverage Appian, the industry's best Enterprise Application Platform to deliver top business value to their customers. But, when it comes to internal Employee Apps, things are still stuck in the middle ages. Intranet portals which employees use every day continue to be delivered via legacy systems built from the days of Web 1.0. This needn't be so any longer. Why can't a Secretary apply for a Leave Request from her mobile phone on-the-go. Why can't a Manager approve pending Expense Requests from the comforts of her couch using a tablet. Why not provide employees with a modern social business interface for their daily tasks.

Your friendly Appian experts at Vuram have anticipated your need and offer you a powerful employee applications suite, aptly named -- Younify -- built on top of the Appian platform.

Employee: A core component of the Younify suite that helps individual employees and HR to securely view and manage their employment profile.

Expenses: A quick and easy way for employees in-office (and) on-road to submit expenses through Younify and get them reimbursed.

Leave Request System: A mobile friendly way for employees to submit leave requests and for managers to approve them on-time.

Projects: Track work easily. Manage teams effectively. Don't let important tasks get buried in overstuffed inboxes. Provides your team with the transparency it needs. Get key insights into your team's activities through Younify project reports.

Timesheets: Gone are the days of manually filling out timesheets. Let Younify generate it automatically from your project activity.

(The Younify suite of applications is rapidly growing. Soon to be released -- Meetings Manager, Employee Training and Knowledge Management, Corporate News and Announcements.)

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