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Our culture stems from our name as well. We believe in providing a nourishing work environment for our people where they can feed off each other's knowledge and learn from each other's mistakes.

We practice and preach, the four founding cornerstones of our culture


Someone famously said, with freedom comes great responsibility and Vuram truly imbibes it in its culture. Our culture encourages our people to express their opinions and respects them for it. Every voice is heard.

We do not believe in sugar coating, we would rather appreciate a spade being called a spade. Healthy criticism with positive reinforcement is always encouraged.

Many a times, saying no is the easy route to run away from problems. We, at Vuram strongly believe, that instead of saying no, why not try and find out if there is a yes to it.

Accomplishments are greater when teams work together. At Vuram, the word team is not limited to a project team, but applies to the entire company. Every individual's contribution is important in making Vuram a successful team.

We take immense pride in the way our workplace functions. An environment which is vibrant, colourful and energetic infuses the same energy into anyone who walks into our doors. A perfect blend of experience and freshness, makes coming to work every day interesting. You learn something new every day.

We have a casual work atmosphere where everybody's voice is heard, every opinion matters.

We have a strict "no-blame" policy and are only interested in the cause, analysis and rectification approach. We strongly believe that a problem is not solved by finding a name to blame, but rather by finding the reason for its occurrence, resolving the issue at the root and educating everyone on the lessons learnt. We continuously strive to deliver the best outcome for our customers. We take pride in our knowledge and will not shy away from expressing our ideas and raising our concerns to better deliver on a project.

We treat every customer as our first customer. Every customer is equally important.


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